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Oral Argument Broadcast and Live Stream

Cameras in courts

Although commercial broadcast cameras have been allowed in the Nebraska Supreme Court since 1983, permanent cameras were not installed until 2008 when Nebraska Educational Television installed cameras in both the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals.

Oral arguments before Nebraska’s appellate courts can be viewed live from Nebraska Educational Television’s Live & On Demand: State Government web portal and on State Government Closed Circuit television, Channel 36.

Arguments in front of the Court of Appeals are streamed from the State Capitol only.  Arguments in front of the Supreme Court are streamed from the Capitol and from remote sites.

Oral Argument Archive (Audio and Video)

Oral Arguments are uploaded to the Judicial Branch website within 24-hours of the close of arguments for the day. Video is uploaded for the full session and audio is available for each individual case.

The Court’s feed has been used by Nebraska broadcasters for live and archived use in newscasts across the state, keeping television and radio audiences informed. This project increases transparency within the Judicial Branch, allowing all citizens of the State of Nebraska to hear and see their appellate courts at work. 

Oral arguments can be viewed live or archived: 


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