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The Nebraska Supreme Court’s INTERPRETER Program


The Nebraska Judicial Branch is committed to providing access to justice to everyone, regardless of the language they speak.

The Nebraska Supreme Court recognizes that language access to court proceedings and probation services may have a lasting and life-altering impact on involved parties with limited proficiency in the English language.  

To ensure that all individuals receive a fair and an equal opportunity to explain their case and participate in court, the Nebraska Supreme Court created the Court Interpreter Training and Certification Program, the Code of Professional Responsibility for Interpreters, and Supreme Court rules that explain the role of interpreters in court.

Programming is guided by the Interpreter Advisory Committee through the Administrative Office of the Courts, Trial Court Services.

Nebraska State Court Interpreter Complaint Process

Nebraska Supreme Court Rule §6-708 governs the handling of complaints and disciplinary actions involving Nebraska state court interpreters.

The Administrative Office of the Courts provides a suggested complaint form; however, no particular form is required when filing a complaint. Written complaints will be investigated and may be handled informally or scheduled for hearing before a committee to determine an appropriate response to the complaint. 

Possible resolutions may include a written or oral reprimand, required education to correct or improve the quality of services or understanding of the ethics and role of the interpreter, or suspension of the interpreter’s certification or registration by the Nebraska Supreme Court. See the court rule for more information. 





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