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Nebraska Court System Reengineering Committee

Origin/Authorization: Office of the Chief Justice, March 2010 

Terms: Undefined

Purpose Statement: The Nebraska Reengineering Committee was convened by Chief Justice Michael Heavican to examine the Nebraska Judicial Branch and to study how a Judiciary designed for the needs of Nebraska’s citizens of the 19th and 20th Century can be redesigned to meet the needs of the 21st Century. The Committee comprises District, County and Juvenile Judges, representatives of the Nebraska Bar, members of the public and the leadership of the State Court Administrator’s Office.

Staff to Committee: Judy Beutler, Deputy Court Administrator

Nebraska Court System Reengineering Committee Advisory Group

Judge Patrick McDermott, Chairman

Judge Linda Porter
Tom Maul, lawyer
Sally Johnson, lawyer
Liz Neeley, consultant

Judge Larry Gendler
Judge Paul Korslund

Judge Gary Randall
Judge Tom Otepka
Judge Anne Paine

National Center For State Courts
Laura Klaversma
Lee Suskin
Larry Webster

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