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Nebraska Supreme Court Committee on Self-Represented Litigation

Origin/Authorization: Consultation Minutes of February 26, 2003; committee name changed per Consultation minutes January 22, 2015

Terms: All appointments to be at the pleasure of the Court

Purpose Statement: To engage in continuing analysis and study of the challenges which self-represented litigation poses for court staff, the judiciary, and the practicing bar; to continue assessment of the challenges to the right of self representation which the judicial system currently presents; to propose solutions or improvements in response to such challenges to the Nebraska Supreme Court; and to implement the recommendations of the Self-Represented Litigation Committee which the Nebraska Supreme Court approves.

Nebraska Supreme Court Committee on Self-Represented Litigation Committee Reports

Name, CityCompositionAppointment Date
Hon. Frankie Moore, North PlatteCourt of Appeals Judge, Chairperson
Hon. Teresa Luther, Grand IslandDistrict Judge, Vice-Chairperson
Janet Bancroft , LincolnPublic Information Officer, AOC
Tracy Hightower-Henne, OmahaAttorney at Law10-16-13
Debora Denny, LincolnDirector, Office of Dispute Resolution
Marsha Fangmeyer, KearneyAttorney at Law10-16-13
Hon. Leo Dobrovolny, GeringDistrict Judge10-16-13
Doris J. Huffman, LincolnExecutive Director, Bar Foundation
Marlene Vetick, ColumbusClerk of the District Court10-16-13
Hon. Paul Merritt, Jr., LincolnDistrict Judge, Retired10-16-13
Catherine M. Mahern, OmahaCreighton Legal Clinic
Carol A. Cleaver, LincolnNSBA Director of Legal Services
James R. Mowbray, LincolnAttorney at Law
Hon. Michael Piccolo, North PlatteCounty Judge1-22-15
Hon. Thomas Otepka, OmahaDistrict Judge
Milo Mumgaard, OmahaExecutive Director, Legal Aid of Nebraska11-18-15
Hon. Arthur Wetzel, Grand IslandCounty Judge10-16-13
Kevin Ruser, LincolnUNL Legal Clinic
Robert Sanford, LincolnAttorney at Law
Elizabeth Neeley, LincolnExecutive Director, NSBA10-16-13
Hon. Laureen Van Norman, LincolnWorkers' Compensation Judge
Corey Steel, LincolnState Court Administrator1-22-15
Marie Wiechman, LincolnDeputy Librarian, State Library
Hon. Russell Harford, ChadronCounty Judge10-16-13
CathyJo Reiman, BassetClerk Magistrate10-16-13
Ann Borer, OmahaDirector of the Douglas County Law Library10-16-13
Carole McMahon-Boies, LincolnDirector Judicial Branch Education10-16-13
Sheryl Connolly, LincolnDirector Trial Court Services10-16-13
Hon. Timothy Hoeft, HoldregeCounty Judge11-18-15


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