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Nebraska Clerks of the District Court Association

Executive Committee

 Appointment DateTerm Expires
Vickie Prince, NACO Representative (Pierce County)  
Jill Fritson, Past President (Kearney County)12/1212/16

Debra Hume, President (Cheyenne County)


Debra McCarthy, Vice President (Lincoln County)


Susan Paulsen, Secretary Treasurer (Washington County)


Education Committee

 Appointment DateTerm Expires
Jacque Stewart, Co-Chair12/1512/16
Pam Scott, Co-Chair12/1512/16
Debra Hume, President12/1512/16
Debra McCarthy Vice President12/1512/16
Susan Paulsen, Secretary-Treasurer12/1512/16
Jill Fritson, Past President12/1512/16
Kathy Nieveen, Ex-Officio Member12/1512/16
Janet Dietz, Ex-Officio Member12/1512/16
Ann Rosenberry, At-Large Member12/1512/16
Victoria Barnett, At-Large Member12/1512/16
Vickie Prince, JBE Representative12/1512/16
Carole McMahon-Boies, JBE Coordinator  
Sheryl Connolly, Trial Court Services  
Paula Crouse, JUSTICE  


Legislative Committee

 Appointment DateAppointment Date
Janet Wiechelman, Chair, Northeast District12/1512/16
Dori Kroeger, Northeast District  12/1512/16
Joni Skalka, Central District12/1512/16
Julia Schildt, Panhandle District12/1512/16
Peggy Birky, Southeast District12/1512/16
Sharilyn Steube, Southeast District12/1512/16
Patty McEvoy, Southeast District12/1512/16
Victoria Barnett, West Central District12/1512/16
Deb McCarthy, West Central District12/1512/16

Others as they are called upon.


Audit Committee

 Appointment DateTerm Expires
Wendy Detlefs06/1506/16
Troy Hawk06/1506/16


Communications Committee

 Appointment DateTerm Expires
Joni Skalka06/1506/16
Carol Kremer06/1506/16
Troy Hawk06/1506/16
John Friend06/1506/16
Dori Kroeger06/1506/16
Gina Roth06/1506/16
Deb Allemann-Dannelly06/1506/16
Amy Oxford06/1506/16
Junior Young06/1506/16
Valerie Bendixen06/1506/16
Sharon Mauler06/1506/16
Chrystine Setlik06/1506/16
Victoria Barnett06/1506/16
Deb Diemoz06/1506/16


Memorial Committee

 Appointment DateTerm Expires
Deb Allemann-Dannelly06/1506/16
Peggy Birky06/1506/16
Jacque Stewart06/1506/16


Nominating Committee

 Appointment DateTerm Expires
Ann Rosenberry12/1112/16
Deb McCarthy12/1212/17
Dori Kroeger12/1312/18
Jill Fritson12/1512/20


Records Retention Committee

 Appointment DateTerm Expires

Pam Scott

Susan Paulsen06/1506/16
Joni Skalka06/1506/16
Sharilyn Steube06/1506/16
Jane Alexander06/1506/16


Resolution Committee

 Appointment DateTerm Expires
Susan Paulsen06/1506/16
Michelle Quick06/1506/16


Manuals Committee

 Appointment DateTerm Expires
Wendy Detlefs06/1506/16
Sherie Petersen06/1506/16
Michele Quick06/1506/16
Marlene Vetick06/1506/16
Joyce Wusk06/1506/16
Royce Gonzales06/1506/16


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