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Frequently Asked Questions


“I had completed mediation training a while back and have not been actively mediating since the training; do I need to retake my mediation training?
“I have heard mediators refer to themselves as Licensed or Certified Parenting Act mediators, how do I become licensed and/or certified?
“I am interested in mediating in Nebraska but received training in another state; do I need to take a training offered in the state that is approved by the Office of Dispute Resolution?
“I recently participated in the mediation process and felt that the mediator acted unethically during the process; what can I do?
"I am an attorney who occasionally mediates cases which include parenting plans; do I need to seek approval as a Parenting Act mediator?"
"I completed a Basic Mediation Training and want to become involved in mediation in the state, is there an approval process?

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