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Are you representing yourself?

Guardians Needing Assistance with Accounting

Summoned to Jury Duty?

Need to pay a fine?

Need information on a trial court (district, county, or juvenile) case or criminal records check?

  • Use our One-Time Court Case Search ($15/search) to find a case in the Nebraska Court System.
  • Use our Case Calendar search function to learn about the schedule of a courthouse near you.
  • If you are being asked for a Criminal History or criminal records check (some refer to a RAP sheet which includes arrests and resulting dispositions), you need to go through the Nebraska State Patrol.  For an online check, use the Nebraska State Patrol criminal history webpage. To make a request in writing to the State Patrol, complete the information listed on the Patrol’s records check page.

Need information on a Supreme Court or Court of Appeals case?

Need an accommodation under the American’s with Disabilities Act?

  • Contact the Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator, 1213 State Capitol, 1445 K Street / P.O. Box 98910, Lincoln, NE 68509, Phone: (402) 471-2921, nsc.courtservices@nebraska.gov

Wanting to get married?

Need information about child custody, separation, or divorce?

Want to know more about the Nebraska Judicial Branch?

  • Read a synopsis of the Nebraska Judicial System which includes a legal glossary.
  • Take a look at our Publications and Reports that detail various caseloads and progress reports throughout the Judicial Branch.
  • Our Strategic Agenda details the Judicial Branch's commitment to a better court system for all Nebraskans.
  • We maintain relationships with the various tribal courts that are in Nebraska.
  • Find out what has happened recently in the Judicial Branch by taking a look at our Press Releases.


Want to request a speaker from the Nebraska Judicial Branch?


Curious about the Judicial Branch's outreach?

Have a concern about a judge, lawyer, or court official?

File a complaint about:

Voting for a Nebraska state court judge in an upcoming election?

Desire to interact with the Judicial Branch?


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